👋 Hey

Glad to see you here. I'm Rinas, co-founder of StepCountChallenge.com

I was not a health-conscious person up until recently. It suddenly hit me that I'm about to turn 30, eat lots of junk foods/icecreams, and am already overweight.

That's when I started to be health-conscious.

I've started taking care of my health by reducing sugar and going out for a walk.

I'm struggling to be consistent with it. That's why I built this website.

If you are also struggling with these health-related concerns, make a commitment that you'll at least start walking more.

Join our Step Count Challenge and participate globally with everyone around the world.

We are going to charge you $12/year for that. That's $1 per month. That would be more than enough to cover our server costs and stay profitable.

Until the mobile apps are released, we have an early access lifetime deal for $12. Pay once. Yes, no yearly subscription nor any renewals.

Join the challenge

More about the challenge:

  1. Share step count daily by entering the step count and a screenshot from your Apple Health, Google Fit, or any app you use.
  2. There would be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Leaderboards.
  3. Choose an anonymous name/username as a display name in the leaderboard if you prefer that.
Once we release the Android and iOS app, you don't have to share the screenshot. We'll sync the count automatically by integrating it with other apps.

Why is it not free?

We want this to be online until the end of the internet. Most services die because it's free, and we don't want that to happen.

We'll look into PRO plans or revisit pricing in the future if it's not sustainable. Even if we change our pricing in the future, that will only affect future customers and not you.